Top 5 Office Spaces in Austin

Austin is a great place to live and work. New talent floods this city each day. Business owners, human resources professionals, and hiring managers all compete for that talent. If you want your business to attract the best people, your office space needs to show it.

While you’re interviewing candidates, they’re interviewing you as well. Just like you judge what they wear and how they speak, they evaluate how you treat them and what your work environment is like. Make sure your workspace tells potential hires and your current employees that you value them.

These office spaces are the best Austin has to offer, so take note of their features and see what you can do to compete.


Onnit Most office break rooms are stocked with nothing more than an old refrigerator and a microwave that smells like burnt popcorn and leftover baked fish. This isn’t the case at the downtown office of nutritional fitness powerhouse Onnit. Their whole kitchen is made out of wood as well as their conference room. Not only do they have a full kitchen with bar height chairs, but also cold brew and kumbucha on tap. It is truly a sight to be seen. Rise Building Co., were the designers and builders for this unique and amazing space.


If your office has a rooftop deck with a high-end grill for the summer and a fireplace for the winter, you may have a hard time pulling yourself away at 5 o’clock. At the Austin headquarters of vacation rental platform HomeAway, you can grill up some burgers and gaze at the Austin skyline at the same time. Watch that flame, though! And if no one brought the burgers, the Whole Foods flagship store is a block away, and ample restaurant choices are within walking distance.
Open and airy cubicle spaces encourage collaboration, and natural sunlight keeps workers energized. The break room is the perfect place to unwind after a long meeting or an intense work session. The Nantucket-themed game room includes a ping pong table, dart board, foosball table, and video games. space.


Food delivery service Favor makes its home right here in Austin. The company’s downtown headquarters was designed by employees to make them feel like they work inside the Favor brand. The 1970’s aesthetic with plenty of their signature blue color is just the base for this awesome workspace.
With views of downtown and the University of Texas, a mural by Austin artist Michael Johnston (known professionally as Truth), and meeting rooms named after famous personal assistants, it is easy to see why Favor employees love their work digs. You’re itching to know some of the meeting room names, so here you go: Moneypenny, R2D2, and Siri.

atx Factory

How do you snag the #1 spot on the list? Easy. Free beer. At coworking spot atx Factory, all their memberships come with unlimited snacks, coffee, and beer.
Their membership plans are priced very competitively, and their space hosts a diverse array of areas to plop down and work including leather sofas, tables with ergonomic chairs, and -- of course -- the bar. Your laptop and your beer tap can be mere inches apart!
As if all that wasn’t enough, they also have sleeping pods! So when you’re tired from grinding on your business, you can take a cat nap and then get back to work.


On 38-acre campus with 1.1 million square feet of office space, you might find yourself feeling insignificant in the grand scheme of things. But at the new Apple campus in North Austin, employees have a wealth of amenities right there on the grounds. With an on-site fitness center, dentist office and doctor’s office, Apple tells employees plainly and clearly that their health matters. Outside the buildings, native Texas plants adorn limestone pathways making for pleasant walks even in the summer heat.




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