5 Common Reasons For Remodeling Delays


Remodeling horror stories are very common. Everyone knows at least one person who has one. – A GC said it would take 1 week but it turned into 1 month! Although this article doesn’t go through EVERY situation that can create a delay, here are 5 ways you can prepare to decrease the chances of delays in your renovation project.


1. Establish a clear line of communication

Your contract should say who your person of contact is. This is perhaps the most important part of the puzzle so that the line of communication is clear and there is no telephone tag being played.

2. Ask all your questions at one time during the day

Asking questions is a good thing and a very important part of the process for the homeowner for security. That said, stopping workers while they are trying to complete your project multiple times throughout the day will just slow them down. Also, not all the subcontractors will be able to properly answer your question and could mislead you. If you have questions, record them throughout the day and ask your point of contact at one time.

3. Don’t delay in choosing products and be decisive

Perhaps the most fun part of the process is researching new ideas for your design but once you pick your fixtures, marble or other things, you need to stop researching. Not only does changing your mind affect the worker’s attitude but also the price and, if the pieces take longer to get in, the time frame.
Example: One way we make sure our clients at Rise Building Co. are 100% positive with the fixtures, flooring, colors, and textures they chose is by providing a 3D, photorealistic, Virtual Reality walkthrough of their space. This allows them to see their finished space before we ever swing a hammer. It also allows them to have confidence in their choices moving forward.

4. Be available

When your contractor asks you to do something such as final approval of flooring, consider it a high priority. Think of your contractor as your business partner for a few months while it gets done. When they need something, it is important.

5. Trust your contractor

You interviewed and researched them. You might come into the room and see one baseboard not painted when the other ones are. This could be due to electrical work or something else you do not know about. Micromanaging the workers is not good for anyone, that is why you hired who you did. Your contractor will also do a walk through with you at the end to address anything you see that is not to your liking!

Of course, not every delay can be prepared for, such as weather, backorders, or permit delays but by making sure you are on top of the 5 things above, you can help decrease the likelihood of a delay!



Chesley is the head of marketing at Rise. She loves Campbell's soup, her daughter, and playing gin rummy while drinking tea. Despite how old she sounds, she is still in her twenties. You can usually find her in Austin killing it at game night.
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